The Tobey Take: 2016 Dodge Vehicles

TOBEY AUTO GROUP – Endless car-researching for the performance vehicle of your dreams? That’s no fun. What is fun? Peeling off the Tobey Auto lot with your new V8 engine.

Here at Tobey Auto, we’re here to help you get off the internet and on the road. We’ve done the homework, rounded up the reviews of our 2016 line of Dodge vehicles and added our two cents.

Say adios to those twenty muscle car articles you have pulled up now. (Your internet browser will thank you.) It’s time for The Tobey Take . . .

The 2016 Dart

KBB:  If you’re not interested in a cookie-cutter compact, the 2016 Dodge Dart should be first on your list. With a wide range of models, colors, transmission and engine choices, as well as optional equipment, it’s easy to create a personalized car unique to your personality.

The Car Connection: A smooth ride and roomy interior make the Dodge Dart more substantial and comfortable than many of its rivals.

JD Power: Safety features on the Dart are impressive. Ten airbags, anti-lock brakes, traction control and stability control are standard. Electronic Roll Mitigation and hill-start assist included.

The Tobey Take: You’ll like the Dart if you want a sporty compact-sedan loaded with safety and convenience features.

The 2016 Journey

Edmunds: Available three-row seating; practical interior offers floor-mounted cubbies and integrated booster seats; optional 8.4-inch touchscreen is feature-packed and easy to use; available V6 engine improves performance; budget-friendly pricing.

KBB: The Dodge Journey SUV for 2016 has numerous clever storage ideas. Not only does the rear seat fold flush, there are additional storage bins beneath the 2nd-row floor and front-passenger seat cushion. The same seat can fold flat to better accommodate long items such as a surfboard and skis.

The Tobey Take: You’ll like the Journey if you want a cargo-friendly midsize crossover that won’t break your budget.

The 2016 Durango

Car and Driver: Kudos to Dodge for keeping this relatively rustic platform current with excellent chassis tuning, entertaining creature comforts, and commendable versatility . . .Considering all that the Durango R/T accomplishes with a smile, it’s a sensible choice for today’s families.

The Car Connection: The cabin of the 2016 Dodge Durango is one of the best in this class . . . In its latest generation it has transformed into one of the slicker unibody crossovers out there.

Consumer Reports: Handling is responsive. The ride is composed and comfortable, making the Durango feel sophisticated and substantial. The slick eight-speed automatic improved performance and fuel economy with both the V6 and V8 engines. The optional Uconnect 8.4-inch infotainment system is one of the best, with intuitive operation.

The Tobey Take: You’ll like the Durango if you want a versatile and family-friendly SUV with rugged good looks.

The 2016 Viper

Edmunds: Ludicrous V10 power; tenacious handling; excellent infotainment interface; an unfiltered, unapologetic sports car . . . If you have an insatiable appetite for unbridled power and performance, the 2016 Dodge Viper could very well be the sports car for you.

The Car Connection: The big-engine, rear-drive formula never gets old—not when it’s blessed with the 2016 Dodge Viper’s stunning shape . . . the Viper’s outrageous shape and tamed cockpit deliver a supercar experience for your eyeballs.

The Tobey Take: You’ll like the Viper if you want a striking 645-horsepower supercar that knows exactly what it is and delivers on all fronts.

The 2016 Challenger

Autotrader: The exception is the SRT, which is a rocket that not only pins your head to the seat at full tilt but can turn with precision and stop with ungodly force. The new Launch Control system facilitates near-perfect acceleration runs that can bring a smile to the driver’s face time after time. As for the Hellcat, performance is truly impressive.

KBB: A stylish instrumental panel has all the important functional and informational stuff angled at the driver. The front seats are comfortable, and adults can, indeed, sit in the back seat and everything looks terrific and operates well. A nice place for a drive.  The Challenger features a generous 16.2-cubic-foot trunk, far larger than the 11.3 cubic feet in the Camaro or the 13.5 cubic feet in the 2015 Mustang. With an enormous lid, it’s easy to fit large, bulky objects into the trunk, whereas trying to stuff a big suitcase into the trunk of a Camaro is simply impossible.

The Tobey Take: You’ll like the Challenger if you want a coupe that pairs muscle car performance with best-in-class interiors and functionality.

The 2016 Charger

KBB: For 2016 the Dodge Charger’s interior is inviting, comfortable and functional. The instrument panel has all the working stuff angled toward the driver. The gauge cluster is configurable for individual preferences. And there are numerous controls mounted within easy reach on the steering wheel.

The Car Connection: From the 2016 Dodge Charger SE and SXT V-6 models, up to the outrageous, exotic-level Charger SRT Hellcat, this is a lineup that delivers even more performance than you’d expect given the level of comfort and day-to-day usability of these four-door sedans.

Edmunds: Burly V8 engines deliver big-time power and authentic muscle car attitude; controlled and secure handling when going around turns; If you’re shopping for family sedan transportation that’s also plenty of fun, the Charger may be just the right car for you.

The Tobey Take: You’ll like the Charger if you want a safe family sedan that keeps its edge and its V8 engine.

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