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TOBEY AUTO GROUP – Our Ram trucks are the best – but, that’s just our humble opinion. The titles speak for themselves: America’s longest-lasting pickup. Best-in-class towing.  Unsurpassed powertrain limited warranty! Oh yah, and three LEGENDARY engine options. The 5.7L Hemi V8 . The 6.4L...

TOBEY AUTO GROUP - Dodge Durango - Have a big family, but minivans just aren’t your thing? After all, you’re a cool parent - you haven’t lost your edge. And furthermore, you’re ready to show off that edge at the elementary drop-off. Introducing the 2017 Dodge Durango, the ultimate family vehicle, seating seven, disguised as a stylish SUV. Don’t believe us? Check out what Car and Driver had to say: https://pkstyres.in/ Read on below to see our top ten reasons the Durango will make you the coolest parent at soccer practice pick-up. Get ready to turn heads!
TOBEY AUTO GROUP - You’ve found it! - that late-model, low-mileage pre-owned sedan that fits perfectly into your budget. You sign the paperwork, take the keys, and drive happily off the lot. Only suddenly, you’re a quarter mile down the road and the brakes lock, the engine fails, the car stops - you’ve bought a lemon! We’ve all had “The Used Car Nightmare.” The one where the deal that was too good to be true was indeed too good to be true. Yet, buying a used car doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, for the first time car buyer or those on a budget, it’s often a smart option. Here, we’ve created our list of do’s and dont’s to help you navigate the used car buying process nightmare-free.

TOBEY AUTO GROUP - All-wheel drive! Two-wheel drive! Four wheel! Forty-wheel drive! Sure you’ve heard of them, but which wheel-drive system is best for you? At Tobey Auto, we’re here to help decide with our weekly You Auto Know. Tackling every part of the car-buying process,...

TOBEY AUTO GROUP -  Options! Options! Options! Whether you're choosing your first vehicle or your next vehicle, you’ve got tons of them. And while options are no doubt great to have, they sometimes make the car-shopping process a tad overwhelming. Here at Tobey Auto, we’re here to help you...