TOBEY AUTO GROUP – Jeep – Lions, tigers, and tons of SUVs options, oh my!

In today’s car market, there’s an array of SUV choices for consumers. Midsize SUVs. Compact crossovers. Subcompact crossovers. Luxury subcompact crossovers.  Luxury extended-length subcompact crossovers. All these choices often makes car-buying that much harder.

Here at Tobey Auto, we hope to make this process easier. For our second Tobey Take, we’ve done the homework, rounded up the reviews for our 2016 & 2017 line of Jeep vehicles and then added our two cents.

Finally say adios to those twenty crossover articles you have pulled up now. (Your internet browser will thank you.) It’s time for The Tobey Take . . .

The 2016 Renegade

Edmunds: The Jeep Renegade certainly isn’t the first carlike Jeep, but it’s the first one to prove that Jeep styling and playfulness can translate successfully to a subcompact crossover. It’s rewarding to drive, yet still practical.

The Car Connection: It lends the feel of a larger vehicle, particularly in the front seats, where the well-bolstered chairs have good padding and comfort. the electronic parking brake switch takes up just a little space, leaving enough room for a pair of big cupholders and a useful, locking bin.

Autoweek: Whipping this thing around town was a pleasure. It feels quick for a 3,500-ish-pound sled with only 180 hp, and the drive modes do what they advertise.

The Tobey Take: You’ll like the Renegade if you want a fun and sporty subcompact crossover that still manages to satisfy your taste for adventure.

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