TOBEY AUTO GROUP - Ram Trucks - We’re truck people, here at Tobey Auto. And we want to be in our new trucks - not endlessly researching them. With The Tobey Take, we’re here to help you get off the internet and on the road. We’ve done the homework, rounded up the reviews of our 2016 line of Ram trucks and added our two cents. Finally say adios to those truck articles you have pulled up now. (Your internet browser will thank you.) It’s time for The Tobey Take . . .

The 2016 1500

Edmunds: Looking for a half-ton pickup with clever outside-the-box thinking? You'll want to look closely at the 2016 Ram 1500. A unique coil spring rear suspension gives it the smoothest unloaded ride. And it can still tow your trailer like a champ with its stout Hemi gasoline V8 or torquey turbodiesel V6 engine. Autotrader: The RAM 1500 delivers one of the best rides we've experienced in a full-size pickup to date. The cabin is solid and well insulated from outside noise, and the new seats are supremely supportive. The Ram 1500 continues to score high marks for value, especially in the Laramie Longhorn, described as having the look and options of a luxury truck for a midrange price.
The Tobey Take: You’ll like the 1500 if you want a comfortable and sophisticated pickup that still does the job in cargo and towing.