You Auto Know: 2WD, 4WD, & AWD

TOBEY AUTO GROUP – All-wheel drive! Two-wheel drive! Four wheel! Forty-wheel drive! Sure you’ve heard of them, but which wheel-drive system is best for you?

At Tobey Auto, we’re here to help decide with our weekly You Auto Know. Tackling every part of the car-buying process, we get down to the facts and set the record straight on all things car, truck, SUV, and everything in between.

Check out below the basics to each wheel-drive system.


What is it?  Two wheels on your vehicle, either front or back, receive power from the drivetrain.

Is it for me?  Consider rear wheel drive if you looking to get maximum performance out of your vehicle. If you’re more interested in saving some money at the pump and receiving better traction in the winter months, then consider a front-wheel system.


What is it?  Easily confused with four-wheel drive, all-wheel drive differs in that the system always provides power to all four wheels. Using sensors, the system provides a varied distribution of power to  the front and rear wheels.

Is it for me?  All-wheel drive is a good choice for those living in areas where severe road conditions occur, but are infrequent. Teen and other new drivers may also find all-wheel drive to be a safe bet. However, all-wheel drive systems do tend to lower a vehicle’s fuel economy.


What is it?  Unlike 2WD, all four wheels receive power from the drivetrain simultaneously. And unlike all-wheel drive systems, four-wheel drive can be disengaged.

Is it for me?  For our outdoor enthusiasts, four-wheel drive, optimized to handle the toughest off-road conditions, is the best option to get the most out of your Wrangler or SUV. Four wheel-drive will also prove beneficial if you live in area that with harsh road conditions (i.e. icy, snowy, or muddy roads.)

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